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Creating Innovative Clinical Programs

Our diverse pipeline is the result of our modality-agnostic targeted oncology approach. We identify high-impact cancer targets and then pursue the best modality to address each identified target, focusing on molecules that either activate the immune system or inhibit key oncogenic drivers.

By frontloading scientific experimentation early in the development of our assets, we can rigorously define decision points for advancement or discontinuation to bring forward only the most promising therapies, ensuring efficiency in both the preclinical and clinical development process.

Through robust translational research, we develop a deep understanding of mechanisms of action, dosing parameters, and potential mitigations of toxicity in the early development phase to fully inform our approach in the clinic.

At Cullinan Oncology, we are creating robust clinical programs by:
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Building strong clinical development capabilities to move our assets through the development journey with in-house expertise, strong investigator colla- boration, and early engagement with key opinion leaders to understand the clinical application of our science.
Employing robust biomarker plans and real-time access to data emerging from our clinical trials to support efficient and smart clinical decision-making.
Designing strategic combination experiments early in development to understand the broader potential beyond monotherapy and to garner insights as to whether our programs can be best utilized with other agents.

Our Research And Discovery Process

Step 1: Discover

We aspire to be led by innovation that transcends traditional drug development borders, whether from our own discovery efforts or through exceptional engagement with our academic, health center, and industry partners.

Step 2: Develop

We leverage our scientific excellence to create differentiated ideas, identify unique targets, and select the optimal modality to develop transformative therapeutics across cancer indications.

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Step 3: Deliver

We are building a pipeline of molecules that have the potential to be best- or first-in-class, allowing us to deliver on our promise to create new standards of care and bring new therapeutic solutions to patients with cancer.

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Diverse Pipeline

Our Promise: Delivering on Patient Benefit

Our clinical trials are designed with clinically relevant endpoints and predefined benchmarks for success.

Collaboration Is Key

Strong partnerships result in innovative clinical programs.