A diversified Pipeline

We are dedicated to advancing our pipeline to fulfill unmet needs of patients with cancer. We leverage our scientific excellence to create differentiated ideas, identify unique targets, and select the optimal modality to develop transformative therapeutics across cancer indications.
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A Robust Pipeline Powered by Modality-Agnostic Targeted Oncology

Taking a modality-agnostic approach offers incredible freedom to develop the most effective cancer therapies. Our programs range from engineered therapeutic proteins to innovative monoclonal antibodies, as well as kinase inhibitors and protein degraders, designed to target both the tumor and tumor microenvironment.

Patients also need more tolerable cancer treatments. We employ strategies to improve tumor response, minimize toxicity, and allow more patient-friendly dosing.

A Diverse Disease Requires A Diverse Approach To Research and Development

Programs Underway
Zipalertinib (CLN-081/TAS6417)
Early Programs
TCR-Based Targeting Of A Senescence And Cancer-Related Protein pMHC Complex
HPK1 Targeting: Potential first-in-class degrader of a protein that acts as a negative regulator of T cells and TCR signaling
All of Cullinan's molecules are investigational; safety and efficacy have not been established; they have not been approved by any health authority.
Descriptions of asset MOAs are based on pre-clinical data.

A Robust And Diversified Pipeline

Our clinical programs span a range of indications and modalities.

Harnessing Science for Patient Benefit

Our clinical trials are designed with clinically relevant endpoints and predefined benchmarks for success.