A Unique Target-First Approach to Discover Promising Cancer Therapies

At Cullinan Oncology, we embrace close collaboration. A robust partnership network fueled by external collaboration helps advance new ideas that have a higher chance of benefiting patients. We collaborate with academic institutions as well as pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies through our partnerships and collaborations. Our deep relationships across academia and industry allow for us to combine collective knowledge, expertise, and resources to work towards our common goal of helping patients.

We look for partners with areas of expertise that complement and strengthen our own. Our co-development and co-research partnerships emphasize idea sharing in which subject-matter experts on both teams provide unmatched perspectives to most effectively advance the program.
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Collaboration is key

Strong partnerships result in innovative clinical programs.

Our Differentiated Oncology Assets

Our diversified pipeline of assets ranges from engineered proteins to innovative monoclonal antibodies, as well as kinase inhibitors and protein degraders, each with the potential to be best- or first-in-its-class.